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22843Re: Planet funk 'everyday' remix, One of Hybrid's best.

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  • Ben Abrams
    Mar 1, 2006
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      Thought I'd give it a few listens before I threw in my two pennies
      worth. I like this remix but I have to say there is an AWFUL lot
      going on particularly at the start and I don't think the quality of
      the recording helps, so maybe wait until hybridized.org host a better
      copy before passing full judgement.

      I love the Narnia remix and have to say that I like the direction
      Hybrid are going wrt reworking of film title tracks... superb! Not
      quite as good as the Man On Fire full remix but almost! The
      breakdown towards the end is pure filth! (gotta love it)

      Let's hope they keep rolling out the remixes!


      --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, dcraig@... wrote:
      > You're wondering, so I'm telling. I really don't think this is a
      > good remix at all. There's not enough of the original Everyday
      there to
      > make me take or feel anything of the original song, and other than
      that I
      > find it very uninspiring on it's own merits.
      > Dan
      > > I'm wondering what everyone thinks of this new Hybrid remix?
      > > I apsolutley love it, the nice funky shimmering vibes in it's
      first parts
      > > are so cool, but its
      > > the emotional intensity of the last couple of minutes that blow
      me away!
      > > That bassline and
      > > orchestral drop are mindblowing, I haven't heard a song that has
      made me
      > > feel so, well
      > > 'emotional' and sad (in a good way though) for a very long time.
      > > reminds me how much I
      > > love these guys and how well, I'll admit it- they turned my life
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