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22623Re: [Hybrid] Grayarea 'Gravity' remixes -- 2 of 'em?

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  • Phil Stewart
    Jan 6, 2006
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      Thomas Touzimsky wrote:

      >>A question for the avid Hybrid collectors: Beatport has two listings
      >>for Hybrid's remix of "Gravity" -- one from 8/19/04 (the "love from
      >>llanfair...") and then one from 8/11/05 ("Hybrid's mix"). The first
      >>is listed at 9:12, the second at 8:45. Is this two cuts of the same
      >>mix, two different mixes, or the same exact mix with typo'ed times?
      >One of them is part of the Hope Recordings compilation, so it's the
      >same mix but in a different context. No idea where the missing 30
      >seconds are, though... I bought myself the "long" version and IIRC
      >there is some silence around the end, so maybe they cut that out for
      >the compilation.

      The recording I made of the vinyl version stands at 8:40. This is the
      Hope Recordings release, and the Hybrid mix carries the full 'Love From
      ...' title, which wraps more than half way round the edge of the label :-)

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