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  • zem_the_mattress
    Sep 29, 2005
      Hey everyone,

      A few items to share with those whose opinions I care about.....

      Just finished with LoveparadeSF. Totally wonderful event - Hybrid was sorely missed this year. Fingerlickin records (Soul of Man, Stereo 8)+ Evil Nine did a great job representing the breaks headz though. Great line-up, awesome setting, wonderful people - well worth anyone's efforts to come out for it next year! Since I missed Evil Nine by minutes (for the 3rd time this year... arrrrrgh), we got back to our roots and boogied to jungle for about 10 hours. John B is a Wacky - Entertaining, crazy man, and is stalking us on myspace...

      + Much love to our new homies the Vinyl Elements crew (SD)!!!

      Just got my mitts on the new Plump DJs production/mix "Saturday Night Lotion". Listened about 4x and am pretty in love with it. Most of the production tracks I recognize from recent (past 6 months) Hybrid sets. Would love to hear what everyone thinks of it.

      I am still trying to find an mp3 of "Precious" Sasha remix. If anyone has a resource, please let me know!!! Will give serious compensation for it!

      Any liquid style Jungle fans? Please mail/myspace me! Loveparade made me realize how much I have been neglecting that scene.

      And Finally: 6:00 pm Brisbane time is around 1:00 am here on West Coast, when I am at work and away from net. Hoping someone will post the highlights or link of the 10/5 web chat with the boys

      Thanks all for the time
      Keep Dancing

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