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22065Re: x:am (was: re: myspace accounts)

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  • chrismix50
    Aug 5, 2005
      Those other two were pretty good too! I liked Loser the best out of
      the two. Has a nice little jazz element thrown into it. I kinda found
      Money Money to be a bit more bland though (no offense really). It just
      seems like a song that I've heard before, probably the whole "money
      makes you a slave" part. Or perhaps I just can't get my mind off Billy

      Just my two cents but that track would be a little better if it was
      less structured, especially the bassline. But don't think I'm
      insulting it, it still wasn't bad.

      I Have You has definatly grown on me though :p I keep going back to
      listen to it. Hurry up and get a label so I can have a copy at home :p
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