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22057Re: MySpace accounts, fan clubs, etc...

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  • Alan Duval
    Aug 2 10:13 PM
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      --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, ali portilla <bubs5669@y...> wrote:
      I do not expect a well known artist to personally reply to my emails.
      But when it comes to Myspace, if you see a famous band on there then it
      is letting us fans know that if they have the time to set up an account
      there and be involved in the trendy thing then that means they would
      have time to personally reply to emails. It is basically leading us on
      for nothing.

      AD> You are still attributing the setting up of the account to the band
      by saying "if you see a famous band on there then it is letting us fans
      know...", when 99 times out of 100 it isn't the band. It's not the
      band that is leading you on, it is the person who has set up the
      account who is doing so, be it intentionally or through the omission of
      a disclaimer stating that they are not affiliated with or working on
      behalf of the band.

      --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, ali portilla <bubs5669@y...> wrote:
      I think the only people who this does not affect or bother are those
      who are actual friends with the moderators and who personally know
      them. I am speaking on behalf of myself and of fans who are not friends
      with the moderators. It is just false representation when it is not
      cleary stated on the profile that it is a moderator.

      AD> Again, if they state that they are not sanctioned by the band,
      then it is not hurting anyone, quite the contrary. If, on the other
      hand, they are masquerading as the band then yes, it does hurt the fan,
      but in doing so it also hurts the band.

      You, the fan, will attribute this bad experience to the band, not the
      faceless individual who was faking it.

      And, like I said, small bands can't afford to get 'cease and desist'
      orders against people who are misusing their identity and screwing with
      their marketing, so, said faceless individual can continue to act in
      this way, sucking more people in unless MySpace or whoever intervenes
      (which I am not aware of them doing to date).

      I ask the question again, how many artists run their own fan clubs?
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