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21941Re: [Hybrid] Re: Hybrid Remix Vote - Results!

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  • G3K
    Jun 30, 2005
      Can't we, um, all agree that the REM remix should have won, though?


      I love you, Alan, in the least sexual manner possible.

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      From: "Alan Duval" <propellerheadcase@...>
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      Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2005 4:00 AM
      Subject: [Hybrid] Re: Hybrid Remix Vote - Results!

      Actually, the last song of Radiohead's that I really liked was 'Creep' -
      I just happen to think that Hybrid's best work is usually with rockish
      stuff, especially more psychedelicised rock, hence why I put the
      Radiohead mix first and 'Albatross' featured highly.

      Just because the results don't tally with your personal tastes doesn't
      make the results any less valid - I'd predict there are people here who
      have known of Hybrid FAR longer than you have.

      Rather than the Bush result it's more indicative of why Tïesto or
      Oakenfold regularly get voted the world's best DJs - a few
      knowledgeable heads vote for Mike Truman, Chris Healings, Nick Warren,
      James Zabiela or similar, but their votes get swamped by the less
      knowledgable/exposed, but no less valid, mass-appeal vote.

      For myself, I think Hybrid's remix of 'Boomin' Back Atcha' isn't a
      patch on the original or FreQ's own NuSkool Mix, I was somewhat
      diappointed with the Jeff Wayne remixes (though I couldn't tell you
      what I was wanting, except maybe more use of THAT riff), and, as
      mentioned in a previous post, I think the remix St Etienne's 'Boy is
      Crying' is criminally under-rated - but I recognise them as being
      peculiarities of my taste.

      Anyway, such vitriol is best reserved for your nth post, NOT your first!

      We play nice here, so kindly get some manners.


      --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, Néstor González <o0o_neto_o0o@y...>
      obviously the results show something like this:

      "look! there is a Radiohead remix, I'll vote for it, it must be good
      even when I haven't listened to it, Radiohead is the best group of the

      the REM remix?.. pffff!! you guys must be joking!

      just one Ayumi Hamasaki remix?!!

      what??!! the Albion remix in the last place?!!?

      you guys really don't like Hybrid!!


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