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21889RE: [Hybrid] Thanks (was Hybrid & Toksin at Avalon)

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  • James Warren
    Jun 16 3:53 PM
      Many thanks Ally, much appreciated. I just want people to enjoy the music;
      no more, no less. There's so much stuff out there that just gives me a real

      I have a new mix almost ready to go which includes:
      UNKLE - Glow (Hybrid Remix) and some Way Out West. Will let you know when
      it's finished and ready for download.


      >This isn't meant to be shameless publicity, hence my not mentioning >it in the first post.
      >It's called 'past (im)perfect future' available at
      > [[[ Note from Ally: I'm more than happy to let through 'own mix' >posts from members who contribute to this list. I just get a little >stricter when the member is very new or doesn't post. Looking forward >to hearing this James :) ]]]
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