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21885RE: [Hybrid] Hybrid & Toksin at Avalon

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  • Digital Puppy
    Jun 15, 2005
      Wow, I'm really glad that you posted this...I was there when they dropped that track and it was absolutely rocking. I had no idea it was Toksin though...in fact I thought it might be one of Hybrids new tracks! The guys\really liked it.

      Great pictures of the event, BTW!!


      >Saturday night was really great, lots of stuff happened :)
      >I bought my friends Toksin along to introduce to Hybrid, and they >hit it off extremely well.
      >I made a demo CD of all 7 released remixes listed on www.toksin.com >and gave it to them just as they came on. Within 20 minutes,
      >they already put one of the songs into thier set, the Toksin remix >of "Communicate". Pretty damn amazing to hear it being played at
      >Avalon. They even said they wanted to play a second song from the >CD, but they got pushed off the stage earlier than expected (like
      >around 2:20 AM, when they expected 2:30 or 3).
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