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21757RE: [Hybrid] Kingdom of Heaven music?

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  • Chilvers, Simon
    May 9, 2005

      Would be interested in knowing what they actually did!

      I wouldn't bother with the film really.... Ridley Scott needs to get to his
      roots ala Blade Runner and Alien!

      The script was awful... worse than it was in gladiator, but at least Russell
      Crowe could kinda pull it off. Orlando Bloom just wasn't right for the
      part!! Some of the pre-battle speeches especially the last one were
      positively cringing!

      I did hang about to see the credits and I couldn't spot
      Hybrid/Truman/Healings mentioned at all!



      So has anyone seen Kingdom of Heaven yet? It opens today. Did you spot

      any Hybrid music, or is it as low-key as it was in Man On Fire?

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