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21496Hybrid in SF

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  • renegadesoundwaves
    Mar 7, 2005
      Yeah Hybrid rocked the place for 2 hours Saturday night. The songs I
      recognized were a Meat Katie song, Dylan Rhymes remix of a Soul of
      Man song, From A Distance, Another Brick in the Wall (not Hybrid's
      mix, which neither Chris or Mike can find) and the Prodigy remix of
      Smack My Bitch. They also played a new song off the upcoming album
      called Sleepwalking. Kinda the same format as I Love You, opens up
      with hard progressive beats and sythns then in the middle of the
      song, things slow down a bit while somebody reads a weird poem for
      about 2 minutes, then the progressive beats and synths start up
      again to finish the song. A really cool song. They have 7 cuts in
      the can with 5 in works for a total of 12 tracks. The new album
      release date will be in August at the earliest.
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