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21318OT: ET (Re: 'taking off')

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  • GAmoore@aol.com
    Feb 2, 2005
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      In essence I think BT gets too tangled with his incredible production
      > talents. It all sounds really good soundwise, but often too hollow. And
      > this
      > applies to his poptastic tracks as well. There's good pop and then there's
      > made pop, which sounds sort of what it's supposed to but lacks the spirit.
      > Yeah, I guess I am striving for the word 'plastic' with BT's recent style.
      > No disrespect to his talents as a musician, technician and producer, but
      > these three and inspired songwriting don't go necessarily hand in hand.

      I agree. I think its hard for any one person to get it right. Even Prince
      gets idiosynchratic and bizarre at times. And look at how Lennon and McCartney
      separately were never the equal of Lennon-McCartney. I think there need to be
      multiple heads involved to give balance. BT is very talented - but he has no

      And I think thats where Hybrid's partnership somehow helps them. I don't know
      who does what internally in their collaborations but they have all the right
      - excellent overal production (sometimes just a bit over the top but not as
      bad as BT in that regard)
      - great beats - I think they use Native Instruments Battery - but they get a
      very punchy drum sound with a lot of great grooves (although they tend to
      sound the same in some sense - they could work on a bit more variety from track to
      - really nice filter swells
      - great musical ideas but not very many actual songs (and I am not
      particularly looking for commercial pop songs - but just coherent musical ideas. Let me
      give you an example : "If I Survive".. starts great with a wonderfully dark
      mood ... but then it doesn't seal the deal with a strong chorus, its more of a
      great fragment than a complete idea)
      - great moods and innovative sound scapes
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