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21067RE: [Hybrid] Re: NuBreed - The Original

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  • Simon Jones
    Jan 7, 2005
      Go for the Oz release. It has everything the UK one does and more..

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      Thanks for the response everyone. Looks like I missed the original UK
      release date in the aftermath of the MSF release. Wrt comparisons between
      the UK/Aussie versions I understand that the UK version (as well as being
      only the one disc) has less vocals than the Aus version. Has anyone
      listened to both versions (Andy?)... are the differences appreciable or
      minimal? I am always a sucker for an extra mix CD (which I have read is
      excellent) but given that I tend to prefer instrumental electronica over
      more vocal based electronica would I prefer the UK version?


      > The UK 1-disc version was released first on Mob on October 13,
      > Looks like you can still buy it here:
      > I highly recommend the 2-disc Aussie version over the UK version,
      > though!
      > http://www.sanity.com.au/product.asp?
      > -Andy
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