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20938Re: [Hybrid] Any info about Hybrid playing at a club called "The Mark" in 2000?

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  • Scott Moore
    Dec 7, 2004
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      Well, there is a club in Atlanta that a bunch of DJ's have been playing at alot lately called "the Mark"... it used to be something else, but not sure what that was, and I am not sure if "the Mark" has been around, as that name, since 2000... but don't hold me to that... Anyone else from Atlanta know?

      I did actually catch Sander with Digital Witchcraft there about 3 weeks ago or so... a very good show...

      anyhow, thats all I know :)


      Andy Grundman <andy@...> wrote:

      Craig found an old Hybrid set, apparently from "The Mark" from the
      spring of 2000. Does anyone know anything about this club? The only
      thing we can find on Google is a hotel in New York by that name, so I
      figure the club is probably long dead.

      Maybe someone went to this show and can provide some info, or even an
      exact date?

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