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20912Re: [Hybrid] Ultra DVD

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  • Chaz Schlueter
    Dec 1, 2004
      doing what again, Carolyn?

      Ultra? :)
      recording a new DVD?

      Kevens does have better songs. When Berekely was helping edit the rabbit stuff, he
      mentioned to me about the tracks having to be matched...part of the problem was the
      sound engineers. there was uspposed to be live recordings off the sound bpard on every
      stage...that got messed up for the second year in a row. DC (confucius) & Bunny were
      pissed at soound people on second main stage.

      This is the same show that was on pay-per-view back a few months ago

      --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, CPfaff17@a... wrote:
      > not sure what the line up truly is, but junkie xl did songs 5 and 6 back to
      > back. i'm not to familiar with matching song titles with the other artists.
      > but it looked awesome,by the way. quite professional. i got a chance to
      > catch a glimpse of it when bunny invited us over to review it before the editing
      > was finished. the only thing that i think sucks about it, and it probably is
      > noticable amongst the other footage, is the fact that they couldnt record the
      > music live, due to the drifting beats from the other stages. so they had to
      > take the originals and make it work. so some of you may notice that the crowd
      > isnt jumping up and down at the right time, mouthing the lyrics look a tad bit
      > off. none the less, its cool. also, i think they need to give more props to
      > kevens. freedom is a cool song but he's got a lot better than that.
      > especially his whole speech on mary jane.....
      > i wonder if they will be doing it again this upcoming march?
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