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20254Re: Re: [Hybrid] Hybrid's DJ Dates - Sept, Oct, Nov & Dec

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    Sep 9, 2004
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      Well I appreciate you guys thinking of me ...

      The Rick-meister ... nice ...

      Nice to know that my Hybrid knowledge comes in handy now & then ...

      Well Like I mentioned before Im free for the moment from nasty weather but internet connections are hard to come by these last few days ...

      But then again theres another hurricane on the way so I shouldn't get too comfortable yet ..

      As for DJ Rap - BAd Girl

      The only way to have the Hybrid Mix "unmixed" is to be lucky enough to have that 2xCD-R Promo or have the 3x12" of RAAPB

      As far as I know the mix was never released on a single ...

      Although the BT Mix was ... (not a bad mix either)

      Thanx for thinking of me Jits ...

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      >Which reminds me....DJ Rap - Bad Girl (Hybrid >mix). Was it ever released
      on a single? Does >anyone have it?

      Not that I'm aware of... I think this is a question for the Rick-meister,
      when he's free from the awful weather they appear to be experiencing.
      There's a full cut on RAAPB 2xCD-R Promo, but that's all I know.


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