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20224RE: Re: [Hybrid] Hybrid's DJ Dates - Sept, Oct, Nov & Dec

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  • Jitesh Mistry
    Sep 8, 2004
      ally@... wrote:

      >>Infact, make that *moved*. I'm back in my >>home city of Sheffield as I
      write this.

      >Yay...it means I get to see one of my best >mates more often :) Welcome
      back to the >North, Nick.

      That reminds me, I believe I owe Nick a drink and owe Ally at least 2
      drinks... I pay back my debts, so don't argue with me on this in the club
      when we catch up with each other. Damn it's been such a long time since
      I've been out clubbing...

      >>Regrettably I'm missing the Depot event, so >>I hope those of you who go
      have a wicked >>time.

      >Can you believe it...I haven't been to a >London gig in ages...and you're
      going to the >one I'm making it down for. Shocking.

      I presume that you haven't been down to London Village since the live gig
      back in April 2003. Was a nice gig, but it didn't really make me want to
      return to Fabric anytime soon.

      >>(Jits, you'd better watch out...Vinyl >>Exchange in Manchester will be a
      lot closer >>to me now than it was previously!! Cue: A >>Jitesh CD buying

      >Which reminds me....DJ Rap - Bad Girl (Hybrid >mix). Was it ever released
      on a single? Does >anyone have it?

      Not that I'm aware of... I think this is a question for the Rick-meister,
      when he's free from the awful weather they appear to be experiencing.
      There's a full cut on RAAPB 2xCD-R Promo, but that's all I know.




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