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20208Re: [Hybrid] Hybrid's DJ Dates - Sept, Oct, Nov & Dec

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  • nickbower2000
    Sep 7, 2004
      Ah excellent.

      I was only wondering the other day how good it would be if the boys
      played another Urban Gorilla set, or a few Northern dates at least.
      Thought it might be a while before it came to fruition, though. The
      reason I'm so particualrly pleased? Well, because after 5 years of
      this Northern lad being exiled in London, i've finally seen the light
      (quite literally through the London smog - lol;) I'm moving back
      North :D

      Infact, make that *moved*. I'm back in my home city of Sheffield as I
      write this. So if some of you people who know me have been wondering
      where the hell I've been for the last 1600 years, then I can tell
      you...I've been plotting my escape to fresh air and freedom from
      Londinium, "zipping up my boots...going back to my roots..." as the
      song goes (well I'm skipping on the zip up boots, haven't got the
      legs for them :P

      I've planned to move at some stage, it just so happened to be now.(I
      realised I can do all the things I want to do in my life without
      having to be in London forever! Hurrah!)

      So, there's a good chance I'll be attending the Sheffield and
      Manchester dates. I'll be cherrypicking from the best London dates,
      as I'll be visiting the capital every month or so. Regrettably I'm
      missing the Depot event, so I hope those of you who go have a wicked

      (Jits, you'd better watch out...Vinyl Exchange in Manchester will be
      a lot closer to me now than it was previously!! Cue: A Jitesh CD
      buying frenzy)

      Hope to catch up with some of you guys soon - both North...and South
      of the border.




      --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, "Jitesh Mistry" <JiteshMistry2@a...>
      > /me starts doing backflips round the room...
      > I'm so glad that there's some DJ Sets 'oop north now... I haven't
      > Hybrid play since April 2003 (Fabric Live Gig) because I was stuck
      > Bradford last year (and commuted every morning to Manchester for
      uni by
      > Train) and wasn't able to go out like I would have liked to have
      > I ought to be at either Sheffield or Manchester, probably not both.
      > Later,
      > Jits.
      > __________
      > >24-Sep-04 Urban Gorilla @ Zero, Sheffield, United Kingdom
      > >30-Oct-04 Tangled @ The Phoenix, Manchester, United Kingdom
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