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20186[Hybrid] Re: OT: ScratchnSpin

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  • vinnie970
    Sep 6, 2004
      That's the problem, I'm still on the list and would appreciate being

      As you said, it's not excessive now but I NEVER SUBSCRIBED so I
      consider it unsolicited email aka spam. I'll have to look back into
      the archive to find your email address because the one listed in the
      newsletter mails fails to work and so does the http unsubscription
      link. I don't need to chill out, I just want off da' list!

      [[[ Ally says: Can you continue this convo off-list. Ta. ]]]

      --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, cRaZy DeVz <crazydevz@y...> wrote:
      > Well i deleted the entire database of emails weeks ago, so if you
      gettign emails you or someone else has re added you, im busy moving
      the site across 3 servers, so yeah theirs still a few glitches mail
      wise etc, hence the email doesnt work, but i gave everyone on the
      group my direct email last time and said contact me direct if you have
      any problems
      > Ive sent 2 newsletters in 7 weeks.. i dont find that excesssive at all
      > I already apologised for what happened before with the newsletter
      and im now running it myself.. its not spam, christ im sick of hearing
      that.. im not going out my way to piss people off, im just enjoying
      music, some of you guys on here need to chill out a little... serious!
      > Corruption
      > ScratchnSpin.co.uk
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