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201Chrissie Hynde on Big Breakfast

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  • Stuart Bruce
    May 4 2:34 AM
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      I watched The Big Breakfast this morning (UK TV show, 7am-9am), which is
      unusual enough as I'm not normally up by that time... but anyway,
      Chrissie Hynde was on the show yesterday morning (promoting "Kid 2000"
      and possibly something else) and she was extremely rude throughout the
      show. So today, they showed the rudest bits and took calls from people
      who'd met Chrissie Hynde in the past and she'd been rude to most of them
      too. So while all publicity is good publicity, it seems that Chrissie
      Hynde isn't the best-behaved of frontpersons...


      Stuart Bruce
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