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19895Re: [Hybrid] Hybrid Ringtones

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  • Pev
    Aug 3, 2004
      ally@... wrote:
      > Really????
      > Cascade is a track from HybridSoundSystem.com - I don't think any of
      > us have heard the full version. I'm not sure what they're doing with
      > the track.
      > I've been wanting a Hybrid ringtone for ages. C'mon...one of us must
      > be able to make a decent one?!
      It's not that hard ; anyone here into production with a PC can download
      the nokia ringtone developer kit from forum.nokia.com that includes a
      VST that provides the same poly sounds as on the phones. Very easy to
      knock out a tone from your favourite sequencer.

      FYI, I just got a Nokia 7610 a few weeks ago, and just bunging in
      an MP3 works great as a ringtone. I've put together a few edits that
      I'm using at the moment that sound wicked!


      (Working in France at the moment and very bored. Anyone else on the
      list in the Paris area?)
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