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19892AW: [Hybrid] Re: ringtones

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  • touzimsky
    Aug 3, 2004
      > Mods used to be good for dance/techno tunes. They used to be big in
      > the Amiga era. From what I understand, a mod file consisted of a
      > number of samples (which could be pretty good quality), and then a
      > playlist for those samples. I'm suprised these were never used as
      > ringtones.

      Yes, much like a four-track sequencer, but with .wav/.iff samples rather
      than MIDI commands.

      WinAmp should be able to play those as well. If someone's interested, I
      could dig out some nice examples of what the mod scene is capable of.

      ..::// Thomas Touzimsky

      A fanatic is one who cannot change his mind
      and will not change the subject.
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