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19890Re: [Hybrid] Re: ringtones

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  • Brett Kennelly
    Aug 3, 2004
      Not just that, but mid files are like 20kb in size, where an mp3 is 4-5MB...quite a substantial difference in size for storage on a mobile fone...

      > besides the greed of the companies, i suppose there is also the stupidity
      > (lack of a better word) of the users.
      > i was wondering why i was asked to work on a polyphonic midi version of
      > Enter Sandman. the source midi i was given was pretty screwed up. without
      > the vocals it sounds like another song altogether. maybe they should call
      > it ringtone-karaoke. besides, the guitars, they reminded me of the midi
      > soundtrack from Doom.
      > apparently there were people willing to pay for it.
      > but then again if i have to choose between the current midi synths on the
      > phones, and the beepers from a few years back, i'll choose midi.
      > sure, it sounds like crap, but it's fun when you're able to have your very
      > own polyphonic tones (that are more than just beeps).
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