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19888Re: [Hybrid] Re: OT: Way Out West / Don't Look Now

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  • Antti Mutta
    Aug 3, 2004
      I have hard time believing that people take their favorite club acts' forays
      into some other genre purely as what it is trying to be. What I mean is that
      if you have an act doing something different, let's say a ballad, you should
      compare it to all of the millions of ballads done before. There's no break
      because you haven't done it before.

      Sure it seems to many a fanboy miraculous that their club act is able to do
      all sorts of music, but if you're going to be fair you really need to
      compare it in it's genre. That is to say, if WOW makes a pop ballad, which
      would just die in the charts and is mediocre at best in what it's trying to
      copy, you don't apply some "but they're so multitalented" factor and turn it
      to gold.

      What if you heard the track and didn't know it was by this band? How would
      you react then? That's how I TRY to listen to music, even the stuff I've
      waited for ages from an act/band I've loved. What it gives to me is an
      ability to be OBJECTIVE. Look into this because it's worth the while.


      > I do think it's unfortunate that just about every time a band known for
      > dance music decides to branch out and do a ballad it immediately gets
      > labeled as "pop trash". IT'S A BALLAD, FOR PETE'S SAKE! Nothing more,
      > nothing less. Just because a dance band does one does not make it
      > more cheesy by default than a ballad done by someone who specializes in
      > that type of music. What seperates WOWs forays into slow pop songs from
      > someone like Prince, Dido, George Michael, Pet Shop Boys or a host of
      > well-respected artists? PSB have ventured many times into the world of
      > love songs and whatnot, among countless other styles of music, both
      > electronic and more traditional.
      > Matt A.
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