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19887Re: [Hybrid] Re: ringtones

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  • pinyan
    Aug 2, 2004
      At 00:58 03/08/2004, Andy Grundman wrote:

      >What possible purpose other than greed was there to ever build a MIDI
      >synth into cell phones?!

      besides the greed of the companies, i suppose there is also the stupidity
      (lack of a better word) of the users.
      i was wondering why i was asked to work on a polyphonic midi version of
      Enter Sandman. the source midi i was given was pretty screwed up. without
      the vocals it sounds like another song altogether. maybe they should call
      it ringtone-karaoke. besides, the guitars, they reminded me of the midi
      soundtrack from Doom.

      apparently there were people willing to pay for it.

      but then again if i have to choose between the current midi synths on the
      phones, and the beepers from a few years back, i'll choose midi.
      sure, it sounds like crap, but it's fun when you're able to have your very
      own polyphonic tones (that are more than just beeps).

      hope. it is the quintessential human delusion,
      simultaneously the source of your greatest strength,
      and your greatest weakness.
      -the architect
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