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19806Hybrid Y4K

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  • Jitesh Mistry
    Jul 21, 2004
      Hmm... the idea of a Hybrid Y4K is quite intriguing. That being said,
      there are only 2 breakbeat compilation have come close to my idea of a
      cracking compilation, Y3K - Soundtrack To The Future and Y4K - Ils.
      Straight up vicious breaks is what I seek and most other comps don't sate
      my appitite for dark, nasty breaks.

      Most of the other compilations only seem to have a few little sections that
      I actually enjoy, but I'm never able to enjoy them as a whole.

      It would be interesting to see the tracklisting for the Hybrid Y4K, and I
      hope they don't take me for a Celebrity Science (or a Twitch & Sweat)


      P.S: On a OT thing, is it wierd to feel old at 21... that's what I'm
      experiencing and what is going to happen on Sunday... (*me emits a
      suppressed "yay")
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