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19699AW: [Hybrid] Re: Groovology and Fall Out of Love

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  • touzimsky
    Jul 5, 2004
      > which Y3K is it on then? Sounds like its worth getting just for
      > Groovology!

      *shameless self promotion*

      [on Y3K: Deep Progressive Breaks]
      2x12": 2000 UK (Distinct'ive Breaks Records; Y3K001LP) [31 Jan
      2000; unmixed]
      CD: 2000 UK (Distinct'ive Breaks Records; Y3K001CD) [31 Jan
      2000; part of a mix set]
      [on Y3K Samper 1]
      12": ???? UK (Distinct'ive Breaks Records; Y3K001EP1)
      Groovology (instrumental)

      (from my discog ;-) )

      */shameless self promotion*
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