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19192Re: behold kazaa's greatness

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  • vinnie970
    Apr 29, 2004
      Another recommendation: Way Out West, who happen to be on the same
      label. Free (longer) samples are available in the "multimedia" section.

      --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, "breezytreez" <junkmaniac@e...> wrote:
      > One night, I was searching for new techno music. Now, if you live in
      > America, thats a hard feat. The only way to find new music is through
      > kazaa. I usually start with good songs I know, for instance: Radiohead
      > - Everything in it's right place. This was where i stumbled upon
      > Hybrid. I downloaded the remix, and fell in love. I preceeded to
      > download every hybrid song I could get my hands on that night. The
      > next day, I went to my local cd shop and bought the one hybrid cd they
      > had in stock preceeded to order the others that were not there.
      > I use kazaa as a searching and previewing service. If somebody
      > recomends a band, i'll download a few of their more popular songs,
      > illegally, and if i enjoy them, i will go out and buy their album.
      > Yes, Hybrid, i do recognize that you do have 30 second sound bites of
      > songs on www.hybrid-group.com, but come on, half of them don't even
      > work, and the ones that do, don't potray your music well enough. 30
      > seconds is just not enough time.
      > I am just saying this because of all the flak kazaa and it's users are
      > getting for downloading songs illegally. Yes, I downloaded Hybrid's
      > songs illegally. And yes, I am glad i did so because without kazaa i
      > wouldn't be one fans and paying customers that I am today
      > This thread may be a little out of place. If it is, i apologize in
      > advance. If it's not, please give me your comments!
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