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19187Re: [Hybrid] behold kazaa's greatness

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  • Thomas Touzimsky
    Apr 29 2:48 AM
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      > I think your totally right. Il download something and
      > if i like it enough il happy give the artist my money
      > by buying the record properly. Kazaa and such are just
      > fantastic for finding those rare tracks.

      Same here. I am currently picking up all the remixes I can find on Soulseek to determine which I will try to get as soon as possible and which of them can wait until I got nothing better to look for. Sarah McLachlan's "Remixed" is already on its way for example, while the remix for Inner Sanctum has been postponed to the mentioned "Got Nothing Better To Look For" list.

      I appreciate KaZaA and Soulseek as they "provide" tracks I wouldn't have a chance to listen to anywhere else. Finding a Hybrid/Nubreed/whatever release that isn't supported by german record labels (or outlets of the big players) is virtually impossible, and the short 30 second samples of Amazon - in case they even got them - are quite useless to make up my own mind.

      (the Distinct'ive web jukebox on the other hand is pretty handy - West Ghost is already on my wish list. Bet I had never heard of this one on any german mag/radio/music channel...)

      > Anyone else like Rob Dougan seeing as he also makes
      > orchestral dance music?

      After everyone bashing Rob Dougan for his contributions for the first Matrix movie and the "He's doing the same style over and over again" flaming I actually was quite surprised when I picked up his album last year, although I must admit I like the intrumental bonus disc (that was not part of my package - german release, thanks dear record industry) more than the normal versions. Especially since he not just stripped the vocals but rearranged some of the parts, especially "I'm Not Driving Anymore". My favourite track is "Left Me For Death", and if the outro of "Furious Angels" wouldn't be that chaotic, the album would be nearly perfect.

      I recommend everyone to check out his album if you not already did - "Clubbed To Death" isn't the only thing he can do.

      ..::// Thomas Touzimsky
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