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19017Re: [Hybrid] Out of the Dark...a bootleg remix..

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    Apr 10, 2004
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      Hey Ram..

      Well I have to say great remix...

      Being quite the Hybrid collector Ive run into quite a few bootleg / mash-up remixes ...

      And some are quality & some are crap....but your remix was definitely a quality remix..

      A couple of questions though...

      1.) The vocals .... ripped from the original version , during the breakdown??... (I also like the vocal effects you added)

      2.) The music .... what did you use to re-create the music ?? Did you use the Soundtrack Mix of Out of the Dark ??.. DId you know there's a Soundtrack Mix of Out of the Dark ??..

      3.) If you didn't use the vocals ripped , or the soundtrack mix do you have samples of the original track??..(like what they gave out for the Sasha - Airdrawndagger remix contest / BT Remix contest...

      So great remix... definitely going to become part of my full collection...


      Thanks for the frank, feedback...and the compliments.
      Well, I guess I have to be a little bit more creative in naming
      the remix.. :),

      I intended this mix to be a progressive house dancefloor one...

      I have some more productions. They can be viewed through..


      and navigating to the music page....although I haven't uploaded
      some of my most recent mixes...I will do so tonight..so if you
      check back tomorrow it should have some newer tracks...like
      an unkle (reign) bootleg remix ..as well...


      p.s: i will take the suggestions you mentioned...in uploading the
      newer tracks..
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