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19008RE: [Hybrid] Lotus Challenge Bonus CD (was: Joyrider - AWESOME)

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  • Phil Stewart
    Apr 9, 2004
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      On Fri, 9 Apr 2004, Neil Turner wrote:
      > Also, I mentioned previously that the version of Finished Symphony on
      > the Bonus CD was the album version, but it's not. It's 5:53 in length -
      > does that version have name? like 'extended radio edit', any idea?

      Close - it's called "Hybrid's Extended Edit", as per side A of 3rd promo
      vinyl (DP52/3). Essentially, just an edit of the album version. The
      flipside of promo 3 is "Hybrid's Echoplex Remix Extended Edit", in similar
      vein. Personally, I much prefer promo 2 (DP52/2), which has the
      full-length Echoplex Mix :-)

      From Phil
      Note to self: Must buy promo 1 at some point
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