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18960[Hybrid] Lotus Challenge Bonus CD (was: Joyrider - AWESOME)

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  • Neil Turner
    Apr 5, 2004

      In response to both Rick and Rukes, the track listing is ...

      Way Out West - Intensify (7:30)
      Way Out West - UB Devoid (6:57)
      Commie & Christian J - Tupelo (5:15)
      Commie & Christian J - Comin' Alive (4:54)
      Hybrid - Finished Symphony (5:53)
      Hybrid feat. Julee Cruise - If I Survive (9:40)
      Maurice - Feline (9:12)
      Nat Monday - Waiting (7:55)
      Prophets of Sound - Tide of Dreams (6:53)
      Chris Coco - All of my Beautiful Friends (5:53)

      That's the track listing that good old Media Player 9 found, seems about
      right. Both the WOW and Hybrid tracks are unmixed album versions.

      I'm still pretty sure that the Maurice - Feline track was listed as a Hybrid
      Remix but I might be wrong. The PS2 game came with the 'Bonus CD' in a
      cardboard pack (much like the Wider Angle packaging) which didn't last -
      and I think the track listing was on that. The CD is pictured below. It just
      came in a plain old CD single case, there was no insert...


      As my phone isn't the best camera in the world, and in case you're
      wondering, the CD says...

      Distinctive breaks and ink records present

      (p) 2001 distinctive breaks / ink records (c) 2001 distinctive breaks / ink
      records. All rights of the producer and the owner of the recorded work
      reserved. Unauthorised copying, lending, hiring, public performance,
      diffusion and broadcasting of this work prohibited. not for resale.
      available exclusively as part of the lotus challenge limited edition box set

      www.distinctiverecords.com www.inkrecords.com

      (distinctive records logo) (ink records logo) (cd logo)

      Well there you go! I assume it's rare then? :-D

      - Neil
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