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18924RE: [Hybrid] Joyrider - AWESOME

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  • Neil Turner
    Apr 1, 2004

      I wonder where you got those from ;)

      Yep, the game only seems to output mono, which is a pity. The short version
      you mention is taken from the intro video clip.

      Also, the US version of the game is called 'Motor Trend: Lotus Challenge'
      and, as someone else mentioned, is on the Xbox only. A GameCube and PS2
      version were slated for release at one point but were then cancelled. The US
      Xbox version does seem to have all the same music but I don't know if it
      came with the Distinctive Records CD which featured several tracks including
      a few Hybrid tracks (a couple of tracks from Wide Angle and Maurice - Feline
      (Hybrid Remix) is all I can remember off-hand).

      The game itself is quite tough (although the stunt mode can be fun) as it's
      a simulation based game - not an arcade racer. So if you like playing Gran
      Tourismo *without* the driving aids, you might appreciate this game :)

      - Neil
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