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18503Re: [Hybrid] Morning Sci-Fi

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  • Matt A
    Feb 24, 2004
      No you are NOT.

      Not only is "Out Of The Dark" my favorite song on the record, it's one of
      my favorite Hybrid songs of all time. The first 2 1/2 minutes of that song
      are the greatest. The rest is still great, but I LOVE the buildup and the
      deconstructed breaks and that bubbly bassline. When they played that song
      at the show I went to I went so ballistic my glasses flew off my face and I
      wound up with an injured neck (I was basically hurling myself around using
      the barrier as a support).

      That said, I do think "Steal You Away" is a beautiful song and would make a
      great single. I also agree that the last vocal bit on the track is great
      (where Adam holds out the long note).

      Matt A.

      At 03:37 AM 2/24/2004, you wrote:
      >I still think I am the only person on this list who really, really _loves_
      >"Out Of The Dark". I wake up to that song almost every morning. (That's
      >partly cos I always forget to take Morning Sci-Fi out of my alarm clock, but
      >whatever.) The remixes for that would be INSANE.
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