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18408Re: [Hybrid] OT: adam freeland to be there (WMC)

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  • vinnie970
    Feb 17, 2004
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      Come on, now, give Way out West a chance...some regular poster here
      (not me, I haven't seen both) even prefers their show over
      Hybrid's. ;)

      --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, CPfaff17@a... wrote:
      > as far as i know, kevens is only performing at the ultra music
      festival, which is scheduled for march 6th. no set times as of yet
      but he said that a few days prior to the event, the times will be
      posted on his website, which i believe is www.kevens.com
      > i think this is the only performance i give a s*** about seeing,
      other than a few others that are usually smaller shows. junkie xl
      rocks the house, and its really a shame that hybrid arent
      performing. so who knows what the whole hybrid fan crew will be
      doing. i'll be dancing!
      > c
      > I notice I haven't been much of a contributor, but I do have a
      > of questions based on previous posts, If you don't mind.
      > Where are Adam Freeland and Kevens playing at WMC? I saw the posts
      > praise for Kevens, but didn't get around to any dates for WMC.
      > Are there any parties that a large conglomerate of Hybrid group
      > members will be attending?
      > Thanks in advance
      > Darren
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