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18372Re: [Hybrid] Hybrid heard on TV show "rides"

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  • James Wilson
    Feb 13, 2004
      No I have never met them i hope to do so soon
      , but can i say i have the up most respect for them, I didn't mean to say
      that if they were i the charts, they would make poor music but, they would
      differ it to appeal to a wider market

      >From: "Chaz Schlueter" <chazsch@...>
      >Reply-To: HybridUK@yahoogroups.com
      >To: HybridUK@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: Re: [Hybrid] Hybrid heard on TV show "rides"
      >Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 17:56:55 -0000
      >well I beg to differ with you on two point.
      >1) I do believe Mike Chris etc ARE concerned with chart sucess because it
      >is a money
      >making venture and
      >2) I do NOT believe Mike and Chris would become too possed with with making
      >they are driven...now...and I dont believe that would change much WHEN they
      >more mainstream/accepted.
      >Come on..they are very down to earth (esp Chris) and I KNOW THAT THEY WOULD
      >not to be rude, but have you ever met them?
      >--- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, "James Wilson" <jwilson1500@h...> wrote:
      > > I beg to differ I beleive that if Hybrid were to get into mainstream it
      > > would ruin their sound, they would become to possessed (dont care if i
      > > it wrong) with making money and start producing cheaply manufactured
      > > commercial dance music like you see in the charts every week (take the
      > > present no.1 for example), as opposed to now as they're continuing to
      > > stylish music without worrying about chart success. Lets face it chart
      > > nowaday is awful, would we really want hybrid to be amongst the likes of
      > > Gareth Gates etc.
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