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18274RE: [Hybrid] Hybrid heard on TV show "rides"

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  • Paul Dixon
    Feb 5, 2004
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      Why on Earth do most people think Hybrid needs to be "out there"?

      I can think of a better way to "cheapen" that Hybrid sound than to
      use it for getting ratings for the television medium.

      Better would be to approch Hybrid to do the soundtrack especially
      for the programme.

      The publishing company needs to be ditched/shot/burried-alive/put in
      acid/locked-up and the key thrown away*

      *delete as appropirate.

      And yes, I do have a chip on my shoulder about this.

      >I was watching Rides on TLC....the learning channel here in US..and the
      >finakl segment when they were racing the ride they had created around the
      >race track to Hybrids "we are in control"...
      >obviously some prodcuder somewhere "gets it"...about Hybrid needing to be
      >out there.
      >I think it was the early release version I stumbled across because it had no
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