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17533Re: babe im gonna leave you

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  • Gavin
    Nov 28, 2003
      It was wirtten:

      > My favorite one to date is the Nubreed remix.
      > It an axact replica of the Johnny Vicious/Prine Quick remix (bite as
      > they'd
      > say back in the break dancin' days) but it's got a break beat instead
      > of 4
      > for the floor.
      > Anyone have any more info on this remix? I heard it on a Phil K mix &
      > was
      > told it was his.

      It's on the Australian released compilation Balance 004 (which Phil K
      just won an Australian Dance Music Award for) as being Phil K vs
      NuBreed so they were both involved.

      Gavin Stok

      NuBreed Official Fan Site: http://nubreed.gavinstok.com/
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