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17473babe im gonna leave you

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  • EvilAlivE@aol.com
    Nov 25, 2003
      heres some info on that topic... i wont name any names of who actually said
      this... but.. trust me... its from one of the most reliable of sources... and
      is the real story

      i'm so sick of seeing Quivver get all the credit for quite possibly his worst
      ever production. the led zeppelin track was a bootleg that PRINCE QUICK MIX
      (aka PQM) did in 1996 out of an acappella version of the song that he got from
      a zeppelin collector. after white labeling the track (with a hardcore version
      of queen's we will rock you on the b-side) paul oakenfold bought the master
      from quick for a release on perfecto records. he was never able to release the
      track as a single and while he was trying to clear the track with zeppelin's
      publihers, got quivver to do his version. he was never able to get all the
      living members of led zeppelin to sign off on the sample clearance, and the project
      was shelved. eventually, oakey was able to use the song on a mix album he
      did, and he chose to use quivver's version - sadly, pqm got no credit.

      with the record business as it is, it's very hard to drum up business for
      one-off dance singles from majors, and "babe i'm gonna leave you" is just another
      example of a great track that can't get signed because of this. hopefully,
      one day, when labels figure out how to sell music to downloaders, this will
      change. until then...
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