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17390RE: [Hybrid] my mix - one take - still rehearsing

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  • georgette booger
    Nov 20, 2003
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      hey ,,,,,i commend you for sharing, i mix breaks and its not always easy....but feedback is always good....what do you spin? how long havev you been mixing?

      James Warren <james@...> wrote:
      >Fair play to you Antti, it still takes guts to put your stuff out there.
      >>This is going to be embarrassing and also probably fair for me because I am
      >>always so critical about other people's work, but hey, I deserve the public
      >>What is it, you ask (maybe)? Well, it's my first public mixset. It's
      >>certainly not good enough for public spreading, but I don't want to wait and
      >>I think the tunes are good even if the mixing is totally pants.
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