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17382my mix - one take - still rehearsing

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  • Antti Mutta
    Nov 19, 2003
      Hey all,

      This is going to be embarrassing and also probably fair for me because I am
      always so critical about other people's work, but hey, I deserve the public

      What is it, you ask (maybe)? Well, it's my first public mixset. It's
      certainly not good enough for public spreading, but I don't want to wait and
      I think the tunes are good even if the mixing is totally pants.

      This mix was conceived one evening when I was trying to escape from my
      sociology studies and decided to do this by mixing some tunes up. Seamless?
      Hardly. Tasty? Sort of. Fun? Definitely.

      Grab it (along with the tracklist) at:

      And if there's enough negative feedback, I'll make a new one soon!

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