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17199Re: [Hybrid] Semi-OT: Way out West Mix, Live on Radio 1 (Annie Nightingale)

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  • Alan Duval
    Nov 11, 2003
      I'd be surprised if Distinct'ive weren't prepared to come to some
      kind of understanding whereby you host the mixes which they can link
      to from the Hybrid and Way Out West pages/micros-sites/whatever in
      return for some help with costs, based on traffic driven from their
      site to yours, or something. Hybrid are clearly happy to have a one-
      stop shop for their live mixes, and with WOW now on trhe same label
      it seems a natural partnership.

      Just a thought.

      --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, Andy Grundman <andy@h...> wrote:
      But I think I need to figure out the bandwidth situation first. Last
      month I did 701 GB and my limit is 700. I'll need to get a 2nd
      server or restrict the number of downloads, which may or may not even
      work as the site gets more popular. I saw a micropayment article on
      Slashdot the other day, and I wonder if that (a few cents per
      download?) would be feasable to help pay for the 2nd server. Any
      extra could be donated to the artists or something. However by doing
      that, I'd probably drive away a lot of people, would would reduce the
      bandwidth anyway. There is no good solution I'm afraid. :(
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