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17194Re: [Hybrid] Re: does anyone listen to anything else?

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  • sean hart
    Nov 11, 2003
      I understand that this a "Hybrid fan list", and im a fan myself. i was just surprised to see how much everyone on here did actaully discuss topics related to just Hybrid...

      thats all....


      "ally@..." <ally@...> wrote:
      >Sean, I think you missed reading the description of this list. It's
      >basically a place to discuss Hybrid. We do veer off topic quite
      >often...but there's tonnes of more general music lists and boards
      >out there...that many of us also chat on.
      >As for whether we do listen to anyone else? of course we do. Between
      >us all we've got extremely broad tastes...ranging from breaks to
      >classical to rock to pop. Anything.
      >Anyway....I think you're maybe better suited to a more general
      >list / board mate.
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