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17138Re: [Hybrid] Semi-OT: Way out West Mix, Live on Radio 1 (Annie Nightingale)

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  • Andy Grundman
    Nov 10, 2003
      Hey now, I do like WOW and I would like to host their mixes. If I host
      one, I would want to host them all, and I assume they have a lot of
      radio shows in addition to live sets.

      But I think I need to figure out the bandwidth situation first. Last
      month I did 701 GB and my limit is 700. I'll need to get a 2nd server
      or restrict the number of downloads, which may or may not even work as
      the site gets more popular. I saw a micropayment article on Slashdot
      the other day, and I wonder if that (a few cents per download?) would be
      feasable to help pay for the 2nd server. Any extra could be donated to
      the artists or something. However by doing that, I'd probably drive
      away a lot of people, would would reduce the bandwidth anyway. There is
      no good solution I'm afraid. :(


      vinnie970 wrote:

      > tracklisting:
      > 00:00 WOW vs. Ulrich Schnauss (unconfirmed) - ?
      > 06:44 WOW - Mofo (Soundscape Mix)
      > 09:27 WOW - ?
      > 13:35 ID - ID
      > 20:15 Depeche Mode - Halo (Austin Leeds & Christian J Mix)
      > 26:13 ID - ID
      > 35:57 Massive Attack vs. Hybrid - Dissolved Girl (bootleg)
      > 45:42 WOW - ?
      > 52:02 ID (Holden?) - ?
      > The magic track for you guys is #7. :) It's a mash-up of Massive
      > Attack's "Dissolved Girl" with the Hybrid Instrumental Remix
      > of "Teddy Bear" by Ayumi Hamasaki (compiled/arranged by Hybrid of
      > course). Not the highlight of the set for me, obviously but
      > interesting, nonetheless. ;) Andy, I know you don't like WOW mixes
      > but I'm sure you have at least one more incentive to post this one to
      > Hybridized as an exception, right? I realize the site's bandwidth is
      > prioritized for Dunne/Hybrid/NuBreed, so this is probably only
      > considered worthy of a p2p download... Also, correct me if I'm wrong
      > but has this bootleg been featured anywhere prior? The offer's open
      > either way. :P
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