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16721Re: OT : Paid downloads vs purchases & bonus tracks/material

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  • devjonazure
    Oct 3, 2003
      Personally, I don't think music downloads will ever catch on as a profitable
      venture, due to 1) who wants to pay for something that can easily be deleted,
      and you have to listen to on your comp? (unless you just burn to cd anyway)
      and 2) the quality of mp3 is so low that any real music lover would never be
      content with it anyway.

      --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, "Alan Duval" <propellerheadcase@h...>
      > Paid downloads won't replace CD, of that I think you can be pretty
      > certain. Let's face it, what medium do many MP3s end up on, either
      > as MP3s or as audio. Paid downloads do fulfill a very important
      > function, if for nothing else to act as mediation between the extreme
      > (and immoral) stance of bodies like the RIAA and the extreme (and
      > illegal) stance of the file-sharers.
      > I'd rather own a CD, too. But I'd rather pay 0.50c for a 160+ MP3
      > than $34.95 for an entire CD of which I only want one track.
      > Likewise I'd rather pay for an MP3 than buy vinyl that I have no need
      > for, nor ability to play. OK, I DO NEED the tracks on the vinyl, but
      > NOT ON vinyl. I STILL can't get the Jedi Knights Mix of Model
      > 500 'The Flow' on unmixed CD :-(
      > The small dance labels are doing themselves a disservice by not
      > making tracks available on CD (CD is cheaper to produce than vinyl),
      > so this is another possibility (MP3 is cheaper than CD).
      > The paid download process will also help to level this hotly debated
      > bonus material playing field.
      > The only thing I would say is that if payment is to be per track the
      > process better be flawless (and therefore probably third party) - no
      > more downloading 320kbps hip-pop/R'n'B only to find it's a rip of a
      > radio recording (not digital) and goddamn K Slay is doing his atonal
      > hollering shout-out BS over the top (I DJ weddings - sue me).
      > I STILL want a CD or GOOD MP3 of Balligomingo 'Purify' (Gabriel &
      > Dresden Remix) - my CD only has the edit :-(
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