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16689Re: [Hybrid] Voices In My Head Part 2

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  • twiceblessedman
    Sep 30, 2003
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      HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE........how dare the indie
      record labels. I guess the poor sod on ebay who doled
      out a ridiculous price for this advance CDr has also
      been rudely awakenend by that voice......

      > Just found out that Koma & Bones - Shutterspeed CD-R
      > Promo has a voiceover...
      > with a female voice going "This is a TCR Promo"
      > periodically through the
      > record... NOOOOooooo....
      > Jits.
      > The eyes are closed, the body is still
      > Sounds of darkness & light fill his soul
      > Full of broken beats, the mind spins while
      > adrenaline flows through his veins
      > Sadness and rage become one yet remain immiscible as
      > the music consumes him
      > The eyes snap open as his heart stops for a moment
      > Emotion surrounds him like an intense aura and the
      > heart beats again
      > This is Hybridesque.
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