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15894Re: [Hybrid] The War of the Worlds - ULLAdubULLA

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  • Oddball
    Sep 1, 2003
      A particular favorite of mine on that album is the Papa Ootzie mix track.
      It's just so odd it fits in perfectly :)

      >I just picked up a copy of Jeff Wayne's Musical verison of The War
      >of the Worlds, ULLAdubULLA The Remix Album.
      >It's got a fine pair of Hybrid remixes on there, first on both the 2
      >CD's. The reason I went hunting for this was because they had some
      >mention of War of the Worlds on the radio the other day when all the
      >Mars stuff was going on. They played the little ochestral bit that
      >has been sampled and the Richard Burton opening part, I beleive. I
      >couldn't help but notice that I had heard it before, from the Studio
      >Mix At Radio 1 mp3 that I have.
      >Seems to be a pretty good album generally also.
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