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15890RE: [Hybrid] promos

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  • Jitesh Mistry
    Sep 1, 2003
      If you're wondering about the promo version that I got hold of that doesn't
      have the 'cursed' voiceover. It was a pressed CD, labelled as DPCD100, but
      on the underside on the inside of the disc is DISNCD100. They've done this
      before with Freq Nasty's Y4K last year, when it was labelled as Y4K003CDP
      on the top, and Y4K003CD on the inside.

      What's the most important part is what's written on the inside part,
      meaning that they just made a new lot of promos using the final pressing
      used for release. I only got hold of it for collectors sake, I'll still be
      getting the proper release because of the DVD.

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