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15604[Hybrid] Re: OT: Great New Releases

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  • ally@hybrid-group.com
    Aug 5 7:30 AM
      Yeah, I'm with you there. I think of Plump Night Out as their debut
      and I think most others do too. Mags seem to refer to PNO as their
      debut anyway.

      Anyway, I just ordered BT's new one from Amazon. I'm looking forward
      to this one, as I've heard nothing of the album, apart from people's

      Apart from this I'm a bit bored of the music I own at the moment. If
      I'm tired of everything, I usually play Hybrid or Groove
      Armada...but I'm even in danger of wearing them out.

      So, looking forward to BT and PFN's new one (how long have I been
      waiting for them to bring out an album!).

      Oh...and what are Layo & Bushwacka up to at the moment...I love
      Nightworks, but need something new from them now.


      --- In HybridUK@yahoogroups.com, Drew Ressler <rukes@o...> wrote:
      > I hate to tell you, but Eargasm is mixed also. So Plump Night Out
      IS thier debut.
      > Besides, if people went by if an album is unmixed or not, that
      >would mean Hybrid would still not have a debut album :)
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