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15559RE: [Hybrid] OT: Eargasm (was: re: Hybrid, I'm sorry)

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  • Drew Ressler
    Aug 1, 2003
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      Well here is my top 6 list of albums so far this year, that I have listened to for a at least a month or two:

      1: BT - Emotional Technology
      Amazing stuff, unmmatched by anyone else. Love it or hate it, I LOVE it :)

      2: Hybrid - Morning SciFi
      Almost as good as the new BT album. BT is more harder and louder, so usualy I listen to it more in the car, but the new Hybrid album
      is so quality, it's amazing. It's just the three already-released A-sides that kind of stick out like a sore thumb to me.

      3: Plump DJ's - Eargasm
      I like it alot. Really funky and fun. Hasn't held me more than BT or Hybrid of course, but it sneaks in there.

      4: Kosheen - Kokopelli (based on the sampler, not full album)
      Different genre for the band, but it still rocks. Reminds me of the old 90's alternative I still love.

      5: Ed Rush & Optical - The Original Doctor Shade
      Really funky, disco, house, drum 'n bass, a whole mish-mosh of fun. Of course mostly hard drum 'n bass. "Bullit" and "Get Ill" are
      so fun :)

      6: Fluke - Puppy
      Good album, but nothing really struck me as wow. All just a solid album.

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