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15557RE: OT: Eargasm (was: re: Hybrid, I'm sorry)

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  • Mike Henderson
    Aug 1, 2003
      > Having said that,
      > I don't think you can deny that tunes like 'Funk Hits The Fan' and 'In
      > Stereo' just get you shaking 'your thang' from first listen :)
      > Nick

      Agreed -- Funk Hits The Fan is fantastic -- my fav on the album.

      I actually quite like the Gary Numan track (Pray For You) quite a bit as
      well... got that nice 80's throwback sound (I'm an old-ish fella) with the
      Plumpy beats. Yum.

      This is just one of those albums I'll have to stash away for the proverbial
      rainy day, pick it up anew, and enjoy it then.

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